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Boston contact lens solution coupon

boston contact lens solution coupon

even change to daily disposable lenses. Although it sounds paradoxical, in some wearers, contact lenses with higher water content can become dryer more easily, which can exacerbate the symptoms of dry eye. Taking medications, many medications can cause dry eyes, specifically those for allergies and blood pressure. You will be aware of the lens on your eye if the diameter or base curve has not been measured accurately. A perfectly fit pair of contact lenses will be almost unnoticeable for hours a day. For some lens wearers end of day discomfort caused by lenses can be best resolved by reducing lens wear for a few hours a day, for example wearing your glasses in the evenings after work rather than leaving your lenses in until you. For dry eyes caused by long term medication, speak to your doctor or optician. Eye dryness also brings with it other problems, such as twitching eyes. If you experience painful and red, swollen eyes, and/or your eyes produce a discharge, stop wearing your lenses immediately and consult your optician. We recommend keeping a spare of glasses at home and in the office to wear encase you need to remove your lenses suddenly.

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boston contact lens solution coupon

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Boston gas permeable (GP) lenses. We recommend that you remove your contact lenses and wear your glasses until you've had a chance to speak to your optician: sometimes a change to your care products is all that is required, or you might need to switch to daily disposable lenses. If you can feel your contact lenses while wearing them, this could simply be a poor fitting. Allergy Sufferers, many people with allergies notice their eyes are affected when they suffer. M is a contact lens replacement company, and a direct to consumer marketer of contact lenses.

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boston contact lens solution coupon