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I hate extreme couponers

i hate extreme couponers

on my Facebook summed it up perfectly: "these people are hoarders and thieves." I agree completely and I have no desire to spend 70 flipping hours a week hoarding and thieving. He's telling me how we could be getting thousands of dollars of groceries every year for pennies on the dollar if we'd just "clip a couple coupons" like these people. walmart-hacks, extreme, couponing at Walmart sucks. These people have a serious problem. However, what isnt stated is universoul circus discount coupons how much time they have spent on the practice.

i hate extreme couponers

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Couponing Can Become a Time-Consuming Obsession Lastly, a major problem with couponing is that it can become a time-consuming obsession. This meant buying things like diabetes monitors, toothpaste, and cold medicine. One thing Ive seen on these TV shows is that some people purposefully use coupons incorrectly. Walmart is always so crowded. This is the food that is making our country sick. What do you think of extreme couponing? I truly believe these people are mentally ill. Fixing our countrys health problems is a complex issue but organic food, not genetically-modified food, needs to be part of the solution.

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